Smart, Sustainable Strategies to Redefine Your Wealth

Understanding your values and beliefs helps guide you through life’s transitions

BakerAvenue’s team of experts provides a coordinated, integrated suite of financial life-planning strategies, starting with our proprietary financial planning Mosaic Process. This process helps us analyze what matters most to you in order to align your values with your investment objectives. Our services help prepare and guide you through personal and professional life transitions and allow you to optimize what’s in your control.

Our Process

In-depth wealth management solutions

We will guide you to define your personal Mosaic plan that communicates an understanding of your priorities, interests, and aspirations while effectively linking financial strategies to your life goals.

Mosaic Approach

  • Cash Flow Income Plan
  • Legal & Financial Reviews
  • Proactive Fiduciary Advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Tailored Portfolios
  • Risk Analysis
  • Asset Allocation
  • Product Carbon Footprint
  • Direct Access to the Investment Team
  • Cyber Security
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Ownership
  • Access to 3rd Party Specialists
  • CPA & Attorney Collaboration
  • Quarterly Portfolio & Planning Reviews
  • Daily Access to Team of Advisors
  • Secure Online Vault
  • Financial & Weekly Market Updates

BakerAvenue Wealth Management Services

Trust & Estate Planning

Our advisors will work with you to create a trust & estate plan that includes succession planning and asset protection. We’ll discuss power of attorney, living trusts, wills, guardianship, and probate (what probate is, and how and why you may want to avoid it). We’ll develop a tax-efficient succession plan for your children and grandchildren that incorporates your values and legacy wishes. In addition, we will evaluate trusts to make sure your assets are protected. If you already have an estate plan, we’ll review it and offer guidance for any adjustments to align it with your priorities.

Benefits: When you’re ready to pass on your wealth, we’ll provide assistance on reducing estate and gift taxes, strategically managing your assets, and making distributions to your heirs – efficiently minimizing expenses, delays or probate.

Tax Planning

BakerAvenue will evaluate your current situation to identify tax-planning opportunities and obligations, and to address new tax laws and how they apply to your circumstances. We’ll guide you through life decisions that have tax implications, such as structuring a new business, buying or selling new property, gifting, contributing to a ROTH or traditional IRA, and retiring.

Benefits: Our dedicated experts navigate through complex and ever-changing US tax codes to provide direction on how these laws can work for you. ​

For more information, go to the Tax Planning center

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning starts with talking about your timeframe and spending needs. Guidance for funding your future includes assessing the best balance of investments and tax-advantaged retirement accounts to help grow your wealth. Plus we look at other tools to safeguard your savings, such as living trusts, life insurance, and long-term care insurance.

Benefits: When you are saving for a financially secure retirement, time really is money. We’ll help you understand your best options for investing over the long term to meet your goals. Then we work with you to manage asset allocations to keep you on track in retirement.

Risk Management

We’ll look at your current situation and assess your risk exposure, and asset protection needs. We’ll evaluate your insurance policies and discuss options, including Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, Property & Casualty, Auto, Umbrella, etc. We can recommend implementation plans and tap into a range of insurance professionals.

Benefits: As part of our comprehensive approach to risk management, we understand the various insurance types and levels of coverage that clients need. Our team of advisors can identify gaps or overlaps in your current policies, and suggest ways to obtain and optimize necessary coverages for your family.

BakerAvenue is not an insurance company or agent and does not receive any compensation for policy recommendations.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding your core values, and integrating them to provide a customized, professional, strategic giving plan to achieve the highest possible social impact with your investments. We deliver services for all levels of philanthropic giving – from individuals making their first investment to those exploring entrepreneurial social initiatives that are bold, cutting-edge, and evidence-based. For those contemplating the establishment or growth of a family foundation, we perform high-level listening tours with all stakeholders to preserve generational values, optimize family harmony, and achieve long-term philanthropic impact.

Benefits: We advise clients about how to combine their passion and purpose with investments that deliver the performance to make meaningful change.

5 Min. Money Clip: Philanthropy and your Guide to Giving

Legacy Planning

BakerAvenue’s Legacy Planning Services team includes specialists in estate planning, law, and tax strategy to assist with the complexities of inherited wealth. If you wish to ensure your gifts have a positive impact, our advisory team can create high-impact philanthropic giving plans that ensure your legacy and values are honored. Lastly, BakerAvenue provides guidance on financial well-being, stewardship education, and mentoring for future generations.

Education Planning Accounts


Benefits: Making your legacy an integral part of your wealth management plans can potentially save money for your heirs and beneficiaries. We work collectively to develop a family mission statement that captures your values and commitment to future generations. Our team of experts incorporate these values throughout every aspect of our work, and uses our learnings to guide and educate future generations on the responsibilities of wealth stewardship.

Family Office

Ultra-affluent individuals and families often have more complex situations and require services beyond the expected. For these clients, we offer customized analysis and guidance for complex financial-planning needs and family succession, including Family Governance, Trust & Estate Planning, Financial & Tax Planning, Investment Management, and Art Investments.


Benefits: Our family office relationships are managed by the partners of our firm. We provide families peace of mind by helping to coordinate and manage the complexities of their financial lives. In addition, we design and oversee high-impact philanthropy and investment plans. And we partner with industry-leading companies to provide state-of-the-art cybersecurity and privacy protection for our clients. ​

The Divorcee
Making an Impact
Preparing for Retirement
Selling a Business
Selling a Business
Managing a Concentrated Sock
Concentrated Stock
The Divorcee
Making an Impact
Preparing for Retirement
Selling a Business
Selling a Business
Managing a Concentrated Sock
Concentrated Stock

Going through a Divorce

Divorce is one of life’s hardest transitions, and making the right strategic decisions during this vulnerable time is crucial. Frances sought our advice to help her plan the next chapter of her life that would avoid costly financial and legal mistakes.

Frances’s objectives:
  • Provide for a divorce settlement in a tax-efficient manner
  • Protect inherited assets against claims from her estranged husband
  • Create a sustainable income stream from assets following the divorce
Our risk management strategies for Frances:

As the lead advisor, BakerAvenue collaborated with a divorce attorney and a CPA to help create a financial and tax management plan during her divorce process.

Tax planning:

  • Frances had large embedded capital gains in her portfolio and her capital losses were used to offset some of the gains from raising funds for the divorce settlement. With her attorney, we advised that capital losses be partitioned solely to Frances in the divorce settlement.
  • Recommended and arranged an intra-family family loan to bridge to finance the divorce.
  • Helped her to identify and provide evidence for her solely owned assets. She was able to preserve several million dollars of assets from being partitioned in the divorce settlement.

Investment management / lifestyle planning

Following the divorce, we provided a comprehensive financial analysis of expected investment returns, portfolio income, and expenses to determine a sustainable long-term withdrawal rate from the portfolio to maintain her lifestyle.

Frances’s next stage:

Although the divorce was a difficult transition for Frances, she was very grateful for our guidance. Knowing we were there for her and shepherding her financial team, she was able to focus on healing after the relationship ended and was able to move on. She gained peace of mind knowing her assets had been divided properly and appreciated the tax savings as well.

Navigating Through the Stages of Divorce

Transitional scenarios described above are hypothetical based on possible financial needs and goals of a client(s). This material contains references to concepts that have legal, accounting and tax implications, and is not intended as legal, accounting or tax advice. Information presented is believed to be factual and up-to-date, and are subject to change.Click here to view BakerAvenue's full disclosures.

When you need to discuss your personal and professional life transitions, BakerAvenue is here for you.