Family office

Ensuring Your Legacy Lasts for Lifetimes

Managing family wealth for a lasting legacy requires services beyond the expected with an exclusive level of planning and service. Our Family Office relationship team helps guide you and your family through the opportunities and complexities of your financial lives. Our mission is to deliver performance on portfolios that integrate your passions and purposes – for now and future generations.
We’ve dedicated partner-level attention to overcoming the risks and practicalities of managing wealth.
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Simplifying the Complex

We have the expertise to assist your family in developing processes and management systems to reduce the complexity of your assets and allow you the freedom to pursue your desired lifestyle.

Senior-Level Attention

At BakerAvenue, there is no meet/greet/and disappear – and there is no hand-off to junior staff. Relationships are managed exclusively by the partners and stakeholders of the firm.

Wealth Management

We provide a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Wealth & Investment Management
  • Trust & Estate Planning
  • Tax & Gifting Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Cash Management
  • Pre and Post IPO Planning
  • Access to Capital Markets
  • Guidance, Education and Mentoring for Your Future Generations
  • Collaboration with Your Team of Advisors

Philanthropy and Impact

We review, design, and implement tailored, high-impact philanthropic giving plans by understanding your goals and objectives by bridging your financial and social objectives. In addition, we provide consultative services related to best practices for philanthropic investments.

Lifestyle Management

General lifestyle management services:

  • Airplane/Jet Leasing
  • Personal & Cyber Security
  • Estate Document Management
  • Real Estate Purchase Coordination
  • Alternative and Art Investments

Privacy and Security

We are committed to protecting our clients’ privacy and security. We partner with vetted, industry-leading companies to provide solutions for identity theft, password protection, and document and email encryption.

Wealth Management for your Non-Profits

BakerAvenue provides governance and investment strategies that are uniquely designed for non-profit boards, diverging from traditional finance advisement to meet your specific legacy and fiscal challenges.


Doing Good Is Our Quarterly Benchmark

Giving back is at the heart of BakerAvenue. We are proud of and honored to support several non-profit organizations.

Philanthropy and Impact: How We Work

Review current philanthropic portfolio and interests

Educate on best practices for high impact philanthropic investments

Strategize short and long-term social impact strategies

Design and implement a tailored, high-impact philanthropic giving plan

Evaluate and measure philanthropic impact and giving strategies

A few of many causes worth visiting:
Support children and families: Military action in the eastern region prompts UNICEF to scale up lifesaving support for those under threat.
Invest in a B Corp: Ethical, fair trade-certified B Corp startups, which apply nonprofit sensibilities to the for-profit sector, can also be great investment opportunities.
Support a community foundation: These groups collect gifts (big and small) to invest in local nonprofits.
Create a foundation: Philanthropic advisors will guide you through the process. |
Give back to your community: Contact a variety of local groups. |
Look into crowdfunding platforms: Provide direct support to help others.
Call up a charity you like: See what they can do with a lump-sum gift.
Explore social impact jobs: Commit in the long run and then call up the volunteer coordinators. |
Help those in need: These charities offer small, specific, and significant ways to fight hunger and poverty. | |
Help the elderly or mentally ill: Here are a few sites that are always in need of helping hands.

When you need to discuss your personal and professional life transitions, BakerAvenue is here for you.
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