Doing Good is Our Quarterly Benchmark

Giving back is at the heart of BakerAvenue. We are proud of and honored to support several non-profits organizations we care deeply about.

Philanthropy and Impact: How We Work

Review current philanthropic portfolio and interests

Educate on best practices for high impact philanthropic investments

Strategize short and long-term social impact strategies

Design and implement a tailored, high-impact philanthropic giving plan

Evaluate and measure philanthropic impact and giving strategies

A few of many worthy causes worth visiting:
Military action in the eastern region prompts UNICEF to scale up lifesaving support for children and families under threat.
Invest in a B Corp ethical, fair trade-certified B Corp startups, which applies nonprofit sensibilities to the for-profit sector, which can also be great investment opportunities.
Support a community foundation, these groups collect gifts (big and small) to invest in local nonprofits.
Create a foundation, philanthropic advisors will guide you through the process. |
Contact a variety of local groups. |
Look into crowdfunding platforms that provide direct support to help others.
Call up a charity you like and see what they can do with a lump-sum gift.
Commit in the long run and Then call up the volunteer coordinators! |
These charities offer small, specific, and significant ways to fight hunger and poverty. | |
Help the elderly or mentally ill. Here are a few sites that are always in need of helping hands.

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