Family office

Family wealth requires services beyond the expected.

For just a few exceptional families, we’ve dedicated partner-level attention to overcome the risks and practicalities of managing wealth. We offer a broad scope of services, including:

Senior-Level Attention

At BakerAvenue, there is no meet/greet/and disappear – and there is no hand-off to junior staff. Relationships are managed exclusively by the partners and shareholders of the firm.

Simplifying the Complex

We have the expertise to help wealthy families develop processes and manage systems to reduce the complexity of their financial life and allow the flexibility to pursue desired lifestyle.

Philanthropy and Impact

We review, design and implement tailored, high-impact philanthropic giving plans for clients who wish to apply their values to their financial life. In addition, we educate our clients on the best practices for philanthropic investments.

Privacy and Security

We are committed to protecting our clients’ privacy and security. We partner with vetted, industry-leading companies to provide solutions for identity theft, password protection, document and email encryption.

Wealth Management

We provide a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Wealth Management
  • Trust & Estate Planning
  • Tax Services
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Cash Management
  • Pre and Post IPO Planning
  • Access to Capital Markets
  • Guidance, education and mentoring for future generations (G2)
  • Coordination of advisors

Life Management

Life Management services include

  • Bill Pay
  • Airplane Leasing
  • Personal & Cyber Security
  • Family Document Management
  • Real Estate Purchase Coordination

Deliver measurable, transformative successes
for society.

BakerAvenue provides customized, professional and personal advisory services to clients to achieve the highest possible social impact with their philanthropic investments. We specialize in bridging partnerships, building community relationships and designing new solutions to old problems.

Our experts deliver services for all levels of philanthropic giving – from individuals making their first philanthropic investment to those looking to explore entrepreneurial social initiatives that are bold, cutting-edge and evidence-based.

BakerAvenue Philanthropy and Impact: How We Work
Review current philanthropic portfolio and interests
Educate on best practice for high impact philanthropic investments
Strategize short and long-term social impact strategies
Design and implement a tailored, high-impact philanthropic giving plan
Evaluate and measure philanthropic impact and giving strategies

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