Key Dates

The CARES Act provides the option to waive your Required Minimum Distributions for 2020, please contact your advisor for information related to your specific circumstances.
Dec 07 2021
Medicare Open Enrollment Due Date

Last chance to sign up for the national health insurance program

Dec 15 2021
Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Due Date

Last chance to apply for 2022 healthcare

Dec 24 2021
Christmas Holiday Observed - Banks & Market Closed


Upcoming Reminders

Dec 24 2021
Christmas Holiday Observed - Banks & Market Closed

Dec 31 2021
Last Day of 2021

Last day to receive any basis step-up on the original gain: After this date, the 10% step-up in basis after a 5-year hold goes away, as it is no longer possible to achieve a 5-year hold prior to the end of 2026.

Last day to contribute to charity for a tax deduction

Last day for 401(k) contributions and most other salary-deferral retirement plans

Last day to claim a 529 plan deduction in 28 states plus D.C.

Jan 01 2022
New Year's Day

General enrollment for Medicare Part B (if you missed your initial enrollment period) takes place from January 1 through March 31.

Time to schedule your tax appointment. Ideally, book your appointment after March 1st to ensure you have all your 1099s.

Jan 18 2022
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Market & Banks Closed

Q4 estimates for prior year​

Jan 31 2022
W2s are due to employees by employers; 1099-R due

Feb 14 2022
Happy Valentine's Day

Feb 21 2022
Washington's Birthday - Market & Banks Closed

Mar 15 2022
Daylight Savings time. Set your clocks ahead by an hour

Mar 31 2022
Last day for General enrollment for Medicare Part B

Apr 01 2022
Start of Financial Literacy Month & Last day to take your first Required Min. Distributions (RMD) for 2022 if you did not choose to waive it.

Please note that you will be taxed on income from 2 RMD distributions for the current year if you delay your first distribution until April 1st.

Apr 15 2022
Good Friday - Market Closed

Apr 18 2022
Tax Day - 1st quarter estimates due

Individual tax return and tax extension forms due for current year.

Last day to make IRA, SRP IRA, and Keogh contributions for prior year.

SEP IRA and Keogh contributions can be made on the extended due date if an extension for filing returns is made.​

May 08 2022
Happy Mother's Day

May 30 2022
Memorial Day - Market Closed

Jun 15 2022
2nd Quarter Estimated Taxes Due & Individual Filing Date for U.S. Residents Living Abroad

Jun 19 2022
Happy Father's Day

Jun 20 2022
Juneteenth Holiday Observed - Market & Bank Closed

Jul 04 2022
Independence Day - Market Closed

Aug 02 2022
Time to schedule an appt with your financial advisor to discuss year-end tax planning

Sep 05 2022
Labor Day - Market Closed

Sep 15 2022
Third-Quarter Tax Estimates Due

Oct 01 2022
Remember to complete your RMDs before year-end.

RMDs must be completed by December 31, 2022

Oct 11 2022
Columbus Day - Banks Closed

Oct 15 2022
Extended Individual Tax Return Due

Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans

Nov 01 2022
Start of 2022 Open Enrollment Period for Affordable Healthcare Act

Open enrollment runs from November 1 through December 15

Nov 24 2022
Thanksgiving Day - Market Closed

Dec 26 2022
Christmas Holiday Observed - Markets Closed