BakerAvenue recently held a Financial Feminism workshop on Climate Change.

Panelists sharing their perspectives included:
Carly Hart

Caryl Hart – California Coastal Commission – Commissioner

Caryl, PhD is an attorney and expert in public lands and park policy, with over 25 years of advocacy, scholarship and administrative experience. She served for 13 years as a member of the California State Parks Commission, including seven years as Chair. In 2014, Dr. Hart was appointed Commissioner to the California Coastal Commission by Governor Brown to serve on the Parks Forward Commission assisting in forming a sustainable path forward for the California state park system. Dr. Hart is dedicated to the protection of our coast and ocean, and in ensuring maximum public access for all Californians and visitors to our state.

Sarah Newkirk

Sarah Newkirk - The Nature Conservancy, CA – Coastal Program Director

Sarah, JD and MS in Marine Environmental Science leads the Coastal Conservation Team, protecting and restoring coastal ecosystems, promoting coastal resilience to sea-level rise and abating land-based threats to ocean ecosystems. She pioneered The Nature Conservancy’s Coastal Resilience approach to multi-objective planning for sea-level rise and coastal hazards and served as a member of New York state’s Sea Level Rise Task Force.

Doug Couden

Doug Couden – BakerAvenue Wealth Management – Chief Investment Officer

Doug is a tested market specialist with multiple cycles under his belt. He fronted and leads BakerAvenue’s multi-disciplined (technical, fundamental and macro) investment approach. He is a Partner and member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Mr. Couden is responsible for managing the investment team, the firm’s research process, and overall performance of the strategies.

Their collective advice?

The next time you are in a state park or coastal area, take a deep breath, look around, and get connected with the spirit and beauty of our planet. We have a huge responsibility for the next generation – and we are the stewards of the entire world’s species.

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5 key insights from their discussion:

  1. Impact investing can strengthen financial returns. There's growing evidence that socially responsible investments can have better results and value long-term.
  2. “Takeholder Capitalism”is on the rise. How people invest drives change around the globe. Companies recognize that there's a growing demand from shareholders who want to align with values-driven organizations.
  3. According to the Oct. 2019 USSIF report, $1 in $4 in the US market is now in ESG and Impact Portfolios. ESG investing is the combination of environmental, social, and governance factors that consider the financial return and the social/environmental impact of an investment.
  4. Look within your community. Support women in leadership.
  5. Your vote matters now more than ever. Know your local and state representatives, and stay informed on the ballot initiatives.

Access the Climate Justice: IMPACT investing Presentation by Doug Couden

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