Managing Wealth to Align with Your Values

Wealth Management with BakerAvenue begins by first understanding your beliefs and helping define your life goals with your team of financial experts who are here for you before, during and after any of life’s changes.

At the start of our relationship, we discuss the important areas of your financial life using a process specific to BakerAvenue: The Mosaic. It’s an honest, unbiased process created to uncover what truly matters to you. The truths it provides can be surprising and inspiring. We’ve found the Mosaic informs an organic, dynamic plan that prepares you for any life transition.

What matters to you:Family, Work, Community,Leisure and FinancesWhat we can control:Our MOSAIC ProcessOur relationshipwith You

MOSAIC Process
Get to know you by understanding your values and priorities.
Facilitate a discovery process that will engage your hearts and minds while also providing important insights regarding your unique frame of reference.
Assist you in developing a vision of the future based on your value and priorities that serves as a framework for your personal Mosaic plan.
Create your personal Mosaic plan that communicates an understanding of your concerns, interests, and aspirations while effectively linking financial strategies to your life goals.
Utilize proven strategies for keeping you engaged, motivated, and on the path to achieving your financial goals.
When you need to discuss your personal and professional life transitions, BakerAvenue is here for you.