Concentrate to Build Wealth. Diversify to Stay Wealthy.

We believe in an active approach to concentrated stock management. For example, the conventional method uses a static “hedge it and forget it” approach. Our “BakerAvenue Dynamic Hedging Approach System” (BADHAS®) employs hedges when stock trends are weak, but removes them when price trends are strong. It’s a more opportunistic approach that lowers costs and enhances potential returns.

BakerAvenue employs a multi-disciplinary approach to the issue of concentrated stock management. We encompass solutions for diversification, income generation, hedging, and collateralization. Through a synthesis of Technical, Macro, and Fundamental disciplines, we guide clients through tax-efficient and price-optimized diversification and value-producing strategies such as cash flow generation for income.


Bridging Your Financial and Social Objectives.

Our Impact strategy infuses a values-based approach into your financial plan, balancing positive returns with social good. Once we identify the causes that matter to you, and your objectives and intention, we examine a company’s business results using multiple factors that help us make informed performance and impact-related investment decisions. We review investments to ensure the investment thesis is intact and the social impact is material and measurable. Since the dawn of the impact investing category, we have helped many clients invest in socially-responsible and impact-focused assets. We believe considering both financial return and social goodwill not compromise your wealth objectives, in fact, it may enhance it.

Doing What’s Best for Your Portfolio and Our Planet

The global issues we face are real. A warming planet, a growing gap between rich and poor, inequalities among race and gender, and doubts that our generation will hand off a sustainable environment for future generations. With the rise of all these pressing issues, more of our clients are turning to Impact Investing to fund causes they care about and generate positive returns to fund their legacy.

Impacting investing isn’t writing a one-time check to a favorite charity. The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) defines impact as investments made into companies, organizations and funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. The goal is long-term sustainability. To identify and adopt specific impact objectives, define a strategy, monitor effectiveness against impact and returns, and refine the strategy based on results and shifting priorities.

So how do you become an Impact Investor? At BakerAvenue, we find our proprietary Mosaic process is an effective tool to help clients adopt impact investing on either a minor or major scale. Using the Mosaic, we better understand your aspirations and can work to make Impact Investing a reality. In a time when we’re all making smarter decisions about what we eat, what to wear and where to live, how to invest with the most impact should be part of anyone’s investment plan.

When you need to discuss your personal and professional life transitions, BakerAvenue is here for you.