Following your beliefs is the best tool for wealth management.

Wealth Management with BakerAvenue begins by first understanding your beliefs and helping define your life goals with your team of financial experts who are here for you before, during and after any of life's changes.

At the start of our relationship, we discuss the important areas of your financial life using a process specific to BakerAvenue: The MOSAIC. It's an honest, unbiased process created to uncover what truly matters to you. The truths it provides can be surprising and inspiring. We've found the MOSAIC informs an organic, dynamic plan that prepares you for any life transition.

What matters to you: Family, occupation, and recreation What we can control: Our MOSAIC Method Our relationship with You
MOSAIC Process

Live life to the fullest through any transition.

Every Wealth Management client works with The Mosaic process to map and meld together all the facets of their personal and financial life. The Mosaic helps guide process and strategy with a deeper understanding of your aspirations and beliefs. It serves as a visual roadmap to balance goals against action and results–both financial and personal. As the years pass by, The Mosaic’s primary goal is to provide confidence that a seamless and integrated plan is in place to make sure your life takes the direction you intended.

The Mosaic
Map where you are today and think about where you want to be tomorrow.
Organize all of your assets.
Structure an investment portfolio that optimizes your investible assets.
Align the other components that are critical to your financial life.
Integrate the expertise of other trusted professionals.
Communicate our progress effectively and in a timely manner.
Case Studies

The MOSAIC in action:
Six client perspectives

Get a better understanding of how the BakerAvenue Mosaic works and adapts to different clients with different needs. In each case, we created a Wealth Management plan positioned to support unique financial and personal aspirations.
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Case Studies
Making an Impact
Case Studies
The Retiree’s Next Act
Case Studies
Concentrated Stock
Case Studies
Selling a Business
Case Studies
The Divorcee
Case Studies
The Widower


Debbie, a 40-year old mother of two teenage daughters, received a $4.6MM divorce settlement. At the time of the settlement, Debbie’s friend who was already a client of ours, recently had an extensive cash flow plan and estate review with their BakerAvenue advisor and thought Debbie could benefit from a similar planning exercise in light of her situation. Using our MOSAIC process, we found that Debbie had aspirations to leave a legacy for her daughters but was concerned about outliving her assets. In addition, Debbie shared her desire to support sustainable global food/water systems and domestic diversity causes.

Client Objectives
  • Design an investment portfolio aligning Debbie’s values with her financial goals.
  • Protect portfolio against market downturns by reducing stock exposure in high-risk markets.
  • Create a detailed retirement plan that would fund her legacy intent and meet her lifetime cash flow needs without depleting assets too quickly.
Wealth Management Strategies

Impact Management

  • Created a detailed retirement plan that incorporated multivariable inputs of expected investment returns, retirement income and spending needs, which helped to determine a sustainable long-term withdrawal rate from the portfolio.
  • Implemented a customized investment portfolio using our Dynamic Core strategy with a “tilt” toward Socially Responsible Investments.
  • Used our Impact screening process to choose investments based on environmental, social and governance guidelines.
  • Used our Impact screening process to choose investments based on environmental, social and governance guidelines.
  • At any given time, she was able to reference her retirement plan to stay on track with her spending, which gave her confidence that she would fulfill her legacy and meet her lifetime cash flow needs.
  • Active risk management in the portfolio reduced stock exposure during times of elevated market risk and deteriorating economic conditions.

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