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The Red Queen is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland sequel. In this amusingly trippy book, Alice enters a brand new world by stepping through the mirror in her room. It’s in this confusing new world where Alice meets the brazen Red Queen who is very proud of her ability to run at “breathe-taking speeds.” The Red Queen tells Alice that she too can be anointed a queen if she can make it to the end of the garden which, appropriately, is a chessboard, by running as fast as she can. She tells Alice it won’t be easy and should she not run fast enough, she will end up in the same place. To save you from the mind-bending analogy, it wasn’t easy; she had to overcome some conspicuous obstacles, but she eventually makes it. Sounds familiar. There are plenty of words to describe the stock market’s performance in 2015 but “easy” wasn’t one of them. Click the button below for our review of Q4 and outlook going forward.

Q4 2015 Market Insights

Doug Couden
Doug Couden

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