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While broadly void of any meaningful returns, markets certainly weren’t without a host of tradable events this quarter. From emerging market stresses to geopolitical messes, the past few months have had more than their fair share of headlines to deal with. One of the hardest things to do in portfolio management is separate the ‘noise’ from impactful and thesis changing news. In the advent of around-the-clock news flow, instantaneous information exchange, and social media posts it’s easy for the professional investor, let alone the private investor, to get caught up in the high frequency data flow and lose their way. Easy to “trip up,” so to speak. Our prudent and pragmatic approach to managing money is by no means failsafe, but we are confident in our ability to apply the very best technical, fundamental, and macro analysis in an effort to grow principal and control risk. Click the button below to read our review of Q1 and our outlook going forward.

Q1 2014 Market Insights

Doug Couden
Doug Couden

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