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The glass of water test is a good way to reveal optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty). The purpose of this test is to demonstrate that after assessing a situation, conclusions may vary depending on one’s point of view. The capital markets are no different and we have always felt the mid-year mark is a wonderful time to gauge our own interpretation of the backdrop. As judicious fiduciaries of our clients’ capital, you can bet this assessment takes place much more frequently than once a year. However, unlike the end of the year where there is more finality associated with the analysis, midyear reviews allow for the opportunity to examine, challenge, reengage or even pivot from the current game plan. We don’t believe in managing to a calendar per se (after all, this is a dynamic business and we are tactical managers) but much like a good halftime speech, there is something to be learned from thoughtful insight. Click the button below for a review of Q2 and our outlook going forward.

Q2 2015 Market Insights

Doug Couden
Doug Couden

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