About Financial Feminism

BakerAvenue is rooted in an authentic, client-centric approach to wealth management. We are dedicated to building community and driven to give our clients the best tools to create the financial independence necessary to live their life with intent and purpose. We serve as expert guides to clients that want to share this path.

There is nothing more important to us than making a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Financial Inclusion of Women:

We at BakerAvenue believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to benefit equally from the financial tools and inclusion necessary to pursue a life of intent and purpose.

It is no secret that the financial services industry as a whole has failed to include and serve women well. Business as usual is not working for them despite the fact that - - They control 85% of the consumer spending globally, $14 trillion in assets and 60% of personal wealth. This is expected to climb to $22 trillion in 2020.

While this market share suggests women should be a demonstrative and influencing force in investing, the truth is a disappointing reality:

$5 trillion of these assets are unadvised - 71% of which are held in cash savings.

When costed out over a lifetime, women are losing upwards of $100 a day not investing and are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished during retirement.

This is not okay.

BakerAvenue believes that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. We created our Financial Feminism series to address this gender gap that is costing women their financial autonomy and independence.

Our Financial Feminism series is designed to break down the barriers keeping women from owning their economic power and exercising their financial independence.

This is a quarterly series of speaking events, workshops and learning opportunities targeted at building women’s financial and investment confidence through education, targeted skill development and community building. Our events target approximately 40 – 50 socially conscious high-level professional women who prioritize using their resources in alignment with their values.

Financial Feminism 2020 Series | Investing for Impact

Long ignored by the financial markets as a powerful force for positive change, women are rapidly amassing wealth at record levels and want to use their financial prowess for transformative good.

Financial Feminism 2020 Series: Investing for Impact highlights women as investors for change and takes a unique systems approach to present a holistic understanding of our most pressing social issues. With this knowledge BakerAvenue aims to arm women with the tools and knowledge that they need to align their money with their values.

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Amy Hepburn
Amy Hepburn
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