Like many industries and institutions around the world, it is no secret that the financial services category has failed to serve women as equals. Business as usual is not working. In fact, the majority of women’s wealth is unadvised with over 70% held in cash savings. Projected over a lifetime, this disparity is costing women upwards of $100 a day, making them 80% more likely than men to be impoverished during retirement. It’s time for change.

BakerAvenue is determined to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. And because nothing gets accomplished without a deadline, we’ve created our Financial Feminism series to help shrink the gender investment gap over the next two years.

Join us for this quarterly series of speaking events, workshops and learning opportunities targeted at building women’s financial and investment confidence through education, targeted skill development, and community building.

Financial Feminism will cover the following topics:

Our goal is to empower women financially in creative and dynamic ways to live a life they design with intent and purpose.

“Women control 85% of the consumer spending globally, $14 trillion in assets and 60% of personal wealth which is expected to climb to $22 trillion by 2020.”

Past Events
Upcoming events:
September 20th:Investing in Cannabis 101 with Vivien Azer, Managing Director Consumer, Beverages, Cannabis and Tobacco at Cowen
Winter 2019:Topic to come
Amy Hepburn
Amy Hepburn

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