and TwitterWomen Present
Financial Feminism
Designed to economically empower women in creative and dynamic ways.
Inaugural Event
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 
6:00 PM
Hosted at Twitter HQ
1355 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94013
Featuring the highly acclaimed Ted and Fortune 500 speaker
Joanna Bloor, Founder of Ladybadass
Every decision regarding people's opportunities — personal and professional — is made in a room that they are not in. This begs the question — is your name even on the list? And if you are, what is being said about you in that room that you're not in? Can you impact what you are known for? Joanna would day, "Not only can you have an impact on that conversation, but in today's modern workplace, you absolutely must do so!" How can you do that? It starts with each of us understanding our unique value proposition. When this happens, everyone wins.
Using both of comedy and facts Joanna shares her ideas. Known for "live coaching" audience members she teaches them to walk away with a bold, compelling, authentic and unique answer to the question
"What do you do?"