The BakerAvenue MOSAIC Method keeps us focused on what we can control so we can plan for what we can't.

We have spent many years creating and refining a process that is specific to BakerAvenue and the unique perspectives we possess as a firm. We call this process the BakerAvenue MOSAIC Method as it provides an unbiased view of the considerations most important to you. This process is highly dynamic and designed to adapt as your needs evolve.

Your customized MOSAIC map integrates all the components of your financial life with the intention of providing comfort in the knowledge that we understand your aspirations and are actively working to make this picture a reality. Our experienced team of Trust & Planning Specialists are uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of your wealth management needs.

Whatever your components are, our primary goal is to provide confidence in the fact that a seamless and integrated plan is in place.

Wealth Management Overview