Retiring/Retired Investor

Investor profile

You are close to or now in retirement, and you're starting to draw on retirement savings for income. You’d like to grow your investment income, but not at the risk of jeopardizing your lifestyle or your long-term financial security.

Your issues and concerns

  • You’ve experienced significant stock market losses—and you want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • You’re uncomfortable in volatile markets. You want a strategy that preserves your wealth through rough market cycles.
  • Protection from bear markets is a top priority, but you still want your portfolio to grow.
  • You rely on steady income from your investments to support your lifestyle.
  • You want to minimize your tax burden and maximize your after-tax returns.
  • You want protection from inflation and rising interest rates.

The BakerAvenue Solution: All Cap Core, Global Tactical Indexing, and Fixed Income Strategies

Our Equity All Cap Core strategy combines powerful downside protection with the potential for growth in both bull and bear markets. Our Global Tactical Indexing strategy offers greater diversification and flexibility by investing in ETFs. The Fixed Income strategy helps you meet your cash flow requirements.

  • When market sentiment is negative, our All Cap Core strategy sells stocks and moves up to 100% cash.
  • When market sentiment is positive, we reinvest in technically and fundamentally strong stocks.
  • The Global Tactical Indexing strategy buys the market’s strongest countries, sectors, industries, and assets classes with exchange traded funds (ETFs), and uses inverse ETFs to protect gains, preserve capital, and potentially even profit in declining markets.
  • Our Fixed Income strategy generates steady, competitive income while preserving capital. We also protect your purchasing power by investing in inflation-protected securities and bonds that are less sensitive to interest rate movements.

All client portfolios are managed in accordance with individual investor guidelines.

Retiring/Retired Investor:

Big income years are now over. Investments may have to last another 20 plus years. Cannot afford another big capital loss like 2008.