Blue Chip Income

Strategy Description

The objective of the Blue Chip Income model is capital appreciation with downside protection. The strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of Blue Chip stocks and ETFs in low risk markets and protects principal in high risk markets by moving up to 100% in cash. In addition to capital appreciation and downside protection the strategy will focus on income generation by investing a portion of the portfolio in above market income producing (higher yielding) stocks and ETFs. Exposure is adjusted by monitoring long‐term market trends to evaluate the risk/reward of owning equities versus protecting capital.

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Key Benefits
  • Ability to move up to 100% cash
  • Strict and unemotional sell discipline using both technical and fundamental criteria
  • Broad sector diversification and low turnover for tax efficiency
  • Blue Chip stocks and ETF's offer high-quality consistency and the ability to operate profitability even as economic growth changes