Strategies Overview

All Cap Core

The objective of the All Cap Core strategy is to preserve and grow capital by investing in fundamentally and technically strong stocks and ETF’s in low-risk markets and protecting portfolio principal by allocating up to 100% to cash in high risk markets. The strategy utilizes a quantitative and fundamental approach supplemented by macro research with strict risk management controls in an attempt to control downside losses and protect capital.

Blue Chip Income

The objective of the Blue Chip Income model is capital appreciation with downside protection. The strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of Blue Chip stocks and ETFs in low risk markets and protects principal in high risk markets by moving up to 100% in cash. In addition to capital appreciation and downside protection the strategy will focus on income generation by investing a portion of the portfolio in above market income producing (higher yielding) stocks and ETFs. Exposure is adjusted by monitoring long‐term market trends to evaluate the risk/reward of owning equities versus protecting capital.

Global Tactical ETF

The objective of the Global Tactical Indexing strategy is to invest globally across a broadly diversified portfolio of asset classes and to preserve capital in severe down markets. The strategy utilizes a quantitative approach with strict risk management controls in an attempt to reduce downside losses and to protect capital in high risk markets.

Small/Mid-Cap Core

The strategy is designed to capture the upside of the small and mid-cap asset classes while reducing market exposure in periods of market volatility. The investment team utilizes fundamental research to select a portfolio of small and mid-cap stocks which the manager believes to have favorable risk/reward metrics. During volatile markets, the manager reduces market exposure and uses an increased allocation to cash in an attempt to reduce risk and protect capital.

Tactical Fixed Income ETF

The objective of the Tactical Fixed Income strategy is to provide for current income and to preserve capital by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of bonds. The portfolio provides exposure to US government bonds, investment grade corporate bonds, high yield bonds, treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS) and international bonds denominated in foreign currencies.

Global Multi-Asset Class Income

Global Multi-Asset Class Income strategy is a multi-asset class portfolio investing in income-producing securities that seeks to generate above-average market yields, while maintaining below-average market volatility. The objective of the strategy is to provide a growing stream of income over time, while cultivating long-term capital appreciation.