Disciplined Investment Process

We’ve built safety into a strategy for growth.

We actively go for growth, yet we’re disciplined risk managers. A strict and unemotional buy-and-sell discipline is at the heart of the process. The goal is powerful performance with safety built in.

Managing risk is at the center of what we do.

When Market Sentiment is positive we increase our allocation to risk, “risk on.” When sentiment turns negative we raise cash, “risk off” in an attempt to protect capital and preserve gains.

Dynamic Allocation Chart

An unemotional sell discipline

Our strict buy-and-sell discipline also applies to individual stocks. We invest only in market-leading companies with strong fundamentals and equally strong numbers. If the company deteriorates either technically or fundamentally, we may sell the stock. Our rigorous standards help us avoid the common pitfall of becoming emotionally attached to a stock position.

Unemotional Sell Discipline

*From initial All Cap Core acquisition cost basis
**Performance stated in percentile vs. all stocks in a universe of 4000 stocks, 99 is strongest, 0 is weakest
***Portfolio manager determines the fundamental reasons for owning the stock have deteriorated
****BAAM's system will trim profitable stock positions as they crossover maximum portfolio weighting thresholds and when new, more attractive opportunities exist.