Most investment managers construct portfolios solely around Fundamentals.
Or Technical Analysis.  Or the Macro environment.
Prudence demands we understand and bring together all three.

Many traditional firms employ only a single field of study like fundamental analysis in their approach. But a singular focus may lead to missed opportunities in dynamic markets. Baker Avenue on the other hand employs a multi-discipline approach of using technical, macro, and fundamental factors in our research and analysis. Different market environments typically favor one discipline over another.

The technical approach evaluates the supply and demand dynamics of the market while fundamental analysis examines metrics such as valuation and corporate profitability. Macroanalysis involves the quantitative study of economic data and qualitative analysis of government policy and other geopolitical factors.

The combination of these disciplines gives us a more comprehensive view on markets which leads to a more robust investment thesis.

Macro Analysis

Monetary Policy
Fiscal Policy
Interest-Rate Analysis
Currency Moves

Geopolitical Issues
Business Cycle Analysis
Inflation Direction
Credit Cycle Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Revenue & Cost Drivers
Competitive Positioning
Identifiable Catalysts
Forecasts versus Expectations
Free Cash Flow

Technical Analysis

Relative Strength
Intermarket Analysis
Market Trends
Moving Averages
Support & Resistance Levels
Seasonal Patterns


Investment Committee

Risk Exposure
Portfolio Characteristics Review
Thesis Challenges
New Securities Selection