There are a hundred ways to manage money.
And a hundred ways to manage money successfully.
We practice a prudent approach.

By that we mean actively managing asset allocation with a pragmatic view to managing risk, rather than a passive, conventional buy-and-hold method.

For example, on one end of the spectrum, if the market moves from low risk to high risk, we actively move to raise cash — in an attempt to minimize capital losses. If the market moves on the other end of the spectrum — from “risk-on” to high-risk exuberance — we actively move to take profits, and change the allocation.

Across all of our portfolio strategies we pursue a point-of-view embracing three perspectives: fundamental, technical, and macro. These are at the heart of our actively managed mix of prudence and pragmatism that has historically given us solid performance while substantially limiting downside risk.

Obviously, this is in stark contrast to those funds or firms who actively seek the highest returns — while assuming the accompanying high levels of risk.

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